Collection: Visiting the family

Is there a visit to the (sighs) family on the program? Then the right wine always provides more life and interaction than the so many forests of flowers. But what wine do you bring? The advice to bring wine to a group of people you don't know exactly who likes, is especially enough bottles!

A night with the family has to start with a nice bubble, of course! Depending on how impressed you want to make, you can go for a well-made Crémant d'Alsace or you can unpack a classic Champagne of a small wine house! Maybe it's nice to take both and taste the difference!

Are you planning on bringing a white wine? Then it's the one nice fruity and spicy German Riesling of the Von Winning is a winner to guide the shots, the privilege or just a good conversation. For whoever's looking for the next step, a classic Verdejo from the Rueda in Spain is a perfect wine! Already tasting the prize/quality of the Jose Pariente Verdejo!

For red we make a trip to France! A natural transition is to go to the Rhône and serve a beautiful classic GSM blends from the top winery Château de Caravettes. Certainly a wine that everyone likes, from the first wine for your nephew to a very satisfied grandfather. To end the evening, a big bang is of course in order, and what could be better than an Amarone from one of the first wineries in the Amarone region. Tedeschi is really a winner!

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