About me

Welcome to Gianmarco Disario's personal wine project! While my daily life revolves around technology and AI at Latitude, a boutique consultancy where I am the proud founder and tech lead, I also have another passion that brings me close to my roots: wine. This wine project is my outlet, a relaxing contrast to my technological world. A hobby that offers a welcome change.

Thanks to my Dutch upbringing and Italian parents who lovingly ran an Italian restaurant for 25 years, I have developed a deep appreciation and love for wine and quality products. Here you will find a carefully selected range, where each bottle has a unique story to tell. I think it should be straight forward to find the right bottle and I want to show that with this project. I strongly believe in choosing quality over quantity, which is reflected in the carefully selected wine selection.

For anyone looking for a beautiful bottle of wine: you've come to the right place! And if you happen to live in IJburg, you are in for a little something extra. Since we recently moved to IJburg, I can ensure lightning-fast and free delivery, especially for you. Do you want to stay informed about new wines and exclusive offers? Then sign up for the newsletter and let's toast together! 🍷


Gianmarco Disario


The vine that survives for a year in the vineyard's harsh weather conditions to slowly produce grapes. The winegrower who fights his own personal battle and turns the grapes into wine. The cellar that harmonizes the wine through the gift of time. 

This process of hard work comes to fruition, perhaps on the other side of the world, in the fleeting moment when the cork comes out of the bottle and loved ones enjoy each other's company.

That's the beauty and romance of wine.