About me

Welcome to the personal project of Gianmarco Disario. With this project, Gianmarco de ambate and passion of the wine farmers make more accessible! He thinks it should be uncomplicated to find the right bottle and want to show this project how. Born in Dutch as a son of Italian parents who spent over 25 years feeding an Italian restaurant, the love of wine and artificial products of nature in him.

A small but wide assortment to quality wines is more important than a large assortment of mass production wines. This makes the search for that one bottle easier and leaves a lot of room for discovery. So whether you're looking for that super fresh Sauvignon Blanc right now, or that you want to experience something new after you find out you like a Primitivo, the right bottle is here!

Thank you for being part of the first step in this project! In the future, there will be a lot of renewals on the website to support you in finding the right bottle for you. By enrolling you for the newsletter, you will remain part of these developments!


Gianmarco Disario


The wine stick that survives a year in the barren weather conditions of the vineyard to slowly produce grapes. The wine man who runs his own personal battle and turns the grapes into wine. The cellar that brings the wine into harmony by the gift of time. 

This process of hard work comes to bloom, perhaps on the other side of the world, at the fleeting moment that the cork comes out of the bottle and lovers enjoy each other's company.

That's the beauty and the romance of wine.