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Is a group of friends coming over for dinner at your house this weekend? Are you going to play games for an evening? An evening of gaming with the guests? Or just having a drink with the girls? For all these evenings there is one common denominator, and that is of course wine!

There's never an excuse to drink bubbly, but above all, it's always a great start to the night! The classic Marsuret Prosecco is a perfect start for that! 

After the bubbles, it's time for some white wine! Whether it's a nice fresh but full Albariño to accompany your drink or just for the starter, it's always delicious! To give your friends an experience they don't know from a full-bodied white wine from Italy, the Chardonnay-based cuvée from San Marzano - EDDA is really great! (just make sure you don't drink it too cold, so at least 45 minutes in advance from the fridge)

If we then switch to red (or for anyone who only drinks red), the Côtes du Rhone from Château de la Gardine is a perfect start! Nice and spicy with snacks or a spicy main course. A very natural next step is the Ammasso of Barone Montalto from Sicily! A combination of local unknown and great known grapes that combine to form a beautifully balanced wine with flavors from candied fruit to roasted nuts.

To end the evening, a grand Primitvo is a nice gesture! Very refined Primitivo with the pronounced warm character, but also beautiful acids. Truly one of the best Primitivos from Puglia! It goes well with almost any main course, a cheese platter or just as an accompaniment to keep the good conversations going at a late hour!

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