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Winter is coming! The cold is just around the corner and that calls for heart-warming red wines. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there is also a need for a lot of sparkle. What better way to create such a warm and festive atmosphere than a box of wine that makes you feel that way?!

So let's start with enough bubbles and enjoy our nice and fresh top Prosecco from the winery Marsuret on a weekday evening and then give the family a nice Champagne from the small winery Quenardel & Fils at Christmas!

Even if it is cold outside, it is always nice to have a good bottle of white wine at home. But we all know, 1 is not enough, so let's make it 3! Firstly, there is the Delbeaux Viognier with a light, elegant wood bearing. This provides the classic floral flavors of a Viognier but also has a nice complexity for the price! The second is for It fish dish of the evening, the Vermentino di Sardegna from Sa Raja. Made on the Italian island of Sardinia by the sea. The wine has a nice balance of freshness and fullness with a light saltiness that will go perfectly with any fish dish. Finally, there is the stunner of Cignomoro. It is a white wine made from 30 year old Bianco d'Alessano vines. It's full, juicy and everything you want from a white wine on a cold day. Just make sure you don't drink all wines too cold!

Of course there must be enough red wine with the cold days, so we have selected 4 wines for you! The Grenache "Max Lions" is the perfect weekday wine for the cold days. Enjoy the Grenache from the south of France with its fruity aromas, but also a nice spiciness in the aftertaste. In addition, we also have the everyone's friend of Cascina Ghercina from Piedmont in Italy; the Barbera Appassimento. What they do with this wine is they let 50% of the grapes dry and they use 50% of the wines fresh. This gives an exciting play between fullness and freshness with the classic Barbera flavors. A perfect wine for every drink moment!

Of course there has to be something special on the table for Christmas! For this we recommend starting with the Cannonau from Sa Raja. Think of Grenache, so nice and full, but a fullness that is not reminiscent of wood aging. It's a wonderful wine to warm up with when you don't feel like the classic vanilla notes.

Then we'll end dinner with Cignomoro's clapper to put you to bed! It is a full-bodied red wine made from 80 year old vines!! This means complexity, fullness and a wonderful balance between the fruit, the spices (think chocolate/tobacco) and still nice acidity to make sure you crave the next sip!

All these magical wines can also be ordered in a box for a special offer!!

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