Gianmarco Disario is an SDEN 3 certified wine enthusiast who enjoys sharing his passion. He has already organized wine tastings for many different types of settings. So a wide variety of wine tastings is possible. For example, it can become a serious 5-week evening course in preparation for the SDEN 2 exam, but it might be more fun to fill the wine glasses with a large group of friends, leave out the spittoons, and let yourself be taken on a wine tour!

Some ideas for wine tastings:

  • You already know that you like a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay and would like to broaden your horizons. Then it is possible, for example, that we put a known wine next to an unknown wine with a similar taste for a number of rounds. This allows you to quickly get to know more about what you like.
  • How are those restaurant wine pairings matched to the food? We can take you on a tasting with different small dishes and matching wines and the explanation of the wine-food match that is made.
  • You have been wondering for a long time whether those expensive wines are really worth drinking? Then we can let you taste different wines of the same type at different price levels.
  • There is always a big shock when the different house wines of restaurants are named and it all sounds quite strange. Or you are just looking for that one tasty house wine that you drank in that one restaurant to put in the cupboard at home (or maybe convince your boss to have it ready for the Friday afternoon drink). In that case we can organize a "house wine tasting" in which common house wines are tasted.

These are just a few examples and everything can still be adapted to the desired setting, the audience and of course the budget. So contact us quickly and let's create a great event together! (Of course, all Corona measures are observed.)



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