Yves Cuilleron - Viognier "Les vignes d'à Côte"

Yves Cuilleron - Viognier "Les vignes d'à Côte"

Domaine Yves Cuilleron
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The Viognier grape has become famous for its use in the Condrieu! Is this a baby Condrieu? Yes, you could put it that way. It all starts with the rich history of Domaine Yves Cuilleron which starts in the year 1920. Then it was Yves' grandfather who started this winery. The best man actually had no experience; except for drinking wine. But soon the whole world was turned upside down, because the best man had just mastered winemaking. He made the most beautiful wines and managed to give the Rhone wine region a new dimension. Over the years, a lot has been invested in all kinds of things, so that the quality has increased even further. But the big blow was made by the winery Domaine Yves Cuilleron in 1987 when the winery was continued by the new generation of the family. Yves named after his grandfather gave the winery a modern touch and this one came out perfectly. Wines to our hearts and translated between the combination of nature and grape.

The very old vineyard filled with the Viognier grape is located in the village of Chavanay and is known for its soil structure with Granite. Something that the Viognier grape loves and because of this the bunches also grow as the best. The entire harvest is completed with great respect for nature, because that is the way Domaine Yves Cuilleron works. You have to be able to feel, smell and taste the grapes, says Yves Cuilleron. After long maturing in the best climate, the harvest is partly brought in by hand in the early morning. Subsequently, a third of the wine is aged in oak barrels. The wine matures on the lees, making it full and powerful, what a joy it is to drink. Because there are simply not many bottles of this baby Condrieu.

Opening the beautiful bottle is actually a feast, the slim shape is inviting. When the stool is off the bottle, we smell impressions of ripe yellow fruit with some violets. When pouring, we advise you to take a large glass because then all the odors will be released. The golden yellow color gives our senses all the attention. With the nose above the glass, we noted nuances of apricots, peaches, a hint of vanilla and blossom. The taste is really Fantastic with a capital letter. Rich, full and deep flavors of yellow fruit, vanilla, something green and a dose of spice!

Colour Bright golden yellow
Aroma Lovely spring flowers, peach, pear, apricot, a touch of tropical fruit and a hint of vanilla.
Flavour Tasty and round, wonderfully smooth, dry but not too tight, wonderfully soft, with a hint of spiciness and some tasty bitters in the final.
Serve with Delicious as an aperitif, nice with a salad with boiled egg and asparagus, with smoked salmon on toast, but also combines well with white meat.
Serving Temperature 15-18
Vintage 2021
Country, Region France, Rhone
Grape Viognier