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San Marzano - EDDA

San Marzano
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Are you a fan of the Chardonnay grape? Then I would pay attention. San Marzano Edda Bianco is heaven on earth for all chardonnay lovers. A worldly Valhalla. The very best that Puglia has to offer. Although San Marzano is a star in making wines with mainly indigenous grape varieties, such as Malvasia, negroamaro and primitivo, this chardonnay is perhaps the showpiece of the collection.

Although Puglia is mainly the domain of Italian grape varieties, the Chardonnay also thrives here. This is partly due to the cool sea breeze that blows through the vineyards at night. As a result, the grapes build up the necessary freshness. This ensures that San Marzano Edda Bianco never becomes too acidic or too unwieldy. The harvest takes place fairly early in the season, namely in mid-August. Only after a strict selection, only the best is eligible for San Marzano Edda Bianco, the grapes are fermented. This happens in French oak. After fermentation, this white Italian wine matures for another 4 months on its lees. The result is dazzling.

Incredibly delicious. Maturation gives the San Marzano Edda Bianco a lot of character, complexity and flavour. An invasion of aromas meets your nose, once you start smelling this glass. Flowers, peach, nectarines and a clear tone of vanilla. The water is already starting to run into our mouths. San Marzano Edda Bianco is irresistible in taste. You want to sip it again and again. You taste everything. Vanilla, yellow fruit, peach, nectarines and citrus. Beautifully elegant tones that alternate beautifully. This glass of white wine from San Marzano is justifiably a favourite in our assortment!

Colour Golden yellow
An invasion of scents meets your nose once you start smelling this glass. Flowers, peach, nectarines and a clear note of vanilla.
Flavour Vanilla, yellow fruit, peach, nectarines and citrus. Wonderfully elegant tones that alternate with each other.
Serve with The wine goes well with full-bodied starters and entremets of fish and seafood. Also very tasty with cheeses.
Serving Temperature
Vintage 2019
Country, Region Italy, Puglia
Grapes Chardonnay, Moscatello Selvatico, Fiano