Pegos Claros - Palmela Reserva Castelão

Pegos Claros - Palmela Reserva Castelão

Pegos Claros
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All those involved in this wine, from the winemaker Bernardo Cabral to the grape pickers, have an incredible love for the Palmela wine region in the Peninsula de Setúbal area. The wine region is known for its soils, namely the "Pliocenico de Pegoes" soils. Soil with a lot of sand which comes from the rivers Tagus and Sado. This in combination with the perfect climate gives a unique terroir which we taste back in this red Pegos Claros Reserva.

The vineyard filled with the Castelão grape is at a considerable age of up to 70 years. The old thick trunks today do not give many bunches but they are very rich and full. All bunches are therefore carefully harvested by hand and transported in small wooden crates to Pegos Claros. The vineyards have a southerly location which ensures plenty of sunshine but also sufficient cooling of the wind. After entering, the bunches are still pressed in the old-fashioned way with bare feet. Everything for the Pegos Claros Reserva is done according to the old traditions of Portugal. And you don't see that often anymore!

The wine is intensely perfumed and gives impressions of black fruit, vanilla and oak supplemented with spices, chocolate and tobacco. The full aroma continues in the taste because first the tongue is spoiled by impressions of vanilla, cedar wood, spices and of course black fruit. These are provided as soon as it rolls all over the tongue and also give us nuances of pepper, cakes, plums, dates and vanilla. What an incredible wine!

Colour Deep Purple Red
Impressions of black fruit, vanilla and oak supplemented with spices, chocolate and tobacco.
Flavour Impressions of vanilla, cedar wood, spices, black fruit and nuances of pepper, biscuit, plums, dates and vanilla.
Serve with Very good to serve with rich game dishes, full stews such as a boeuf bourguignon or just a glass of wine to end the evening.
Serving Temperature
Vintage 2015
Country, Region Portugal, Palmela
Grape Castelão