Libre y Salvaje - Cariñena

Libre y Salvaje - Cariñena

Libre y Salvaje
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The showpiece of the exuberant winery Live y Salvaje. This wine house, established in the village of Almonacid de la Sierra, has for years guaranteed successful wines. With this crown jewel, the Libre y Salvaje Carinena, they are definitely breaking through. The vision of the winery is clear: make great quality wines with a feeling for nature. The winemaker lets the vines go their own way as much as possible. After all, there is only one rule on the vineyards in the inlands of Spain: follow the law of nature.

The Carinena grape has had a somewhat dubious reputation in the past. It was uninspiring and mainly created boring mass-produced wines. Fortunately, more and more Spanish wine houses are investing in this beautiful autochthonous grape. Libre y Salvaja is one of them. By planting the vines in exactly the right places, the Carinena comes into its own. In addition, the winemaker interferes as little as possible with the grapes. The translation of the winery is not for nothing free and wild.

After hand-picking the Carinena grapes, the winemaker begins the intensive process of creating this crowd-pleaser. The grapes are gently pressed and then fermented. The beautiful juice then matures in wooden barrels for 12 months. This results in an impressive aroma and taste. Put your senses to work: generous violets, soft blueberries and ripe blackberries. The taste of dark plums is easily recognisable on the back of the tongue. This pronounced red wine from Spain, will surely gain a place in your personal top ten.

Colour Rubyred
Put your senses to work: generous violets, soft blueberries and ripe blackberries.
Flavour The taste of dark plums is well recognised on the tongue.
Serve with Delicious with roast beef with Provencal herbs. Also delicious with guinea fowl with caramelised parsnip.
Serving Temperature
Vintage 2018
Country, Region Spain, Cariñena
Grape Cariñena