La Posta Wines - Pinot Noir "Glorieta"

La Posta Wines - Pinot Noir "Glorieta"

La Posta
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This Pinot Noir is striking in line with the other La Posta wines. Initially they wanted to make a sparkling wine from these grapes, but after 1 failed harvest they quickly realized to make it better red! And that worked out very well!

La Posta is a single-vineyard wine brand founded in 2002 by small family growers from Mendoza, Argentina. Each bottle is made up of five flagship wines and is named after the family that created them. Laura Catena, daughter of the famous wine pioneer Nicolas Catena, created this wine. Her motivation was to give smaller Mendoza winegrowers their own stage, instead of a nameless place in the local cooperative. The series has been given the name La Posta, after the typical local pub that you can find everywhere in that region on the side of the road. The grapes are grown by different farmers and the wines are made by one and the same winemaker.

The grapes for this Pinot Noir come from the vineyards of Isaias Prieto. The are located in the relatively cool Tupungato at an altitude of around 1200 meters. And the Pinot Noir likes that height. The difference in temperature between day and night is particularly beneficial to this grape variety. It provides the many aromas and good acids. The Pinot Noir has to rely on its delicious fruit, which is why only twenty percent of the wine is aged in used barrels of French oak. The rest of the wine remained on stainless steel. This process takes ten months, after which they are put together and a real party is created.

The Glorieta Pinot Noir turns cherry red in the glass, releasing the delicious aromas immediately. In the scent hints of nutmeg, herbs, flowers, strawberries and blueberries. A delicious fruity and sultry scent. In the taste, this La Posta has a hint of spiciness. It is elegant and soft with good acidity and is nicely typified for Pinot Noir. All in all, a powerful red wine that goes very well with grilled salmon, lamb chops or a risotto.

Colour Medium cherry red
Aroma Fruity and powerful, delicious blueberries and strawberries, ripe plums, jam, nice and sultry.
Flavour A hint of spiciness, elegant and soft, good acidity, nicely typified for pinot noir. Powerful red wine.
Serve with Delicious with grilled salmon, lamb chops or risotto with mushrooms.
Serving Temperature 15-18℃
Vintage 2019
Country, Region Argentina, Mendoza
Grape Pinot Noir