Kuehn - Gewurztraminer

Kuehn - Gewurztraminer

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The Gewurtztraminer is a slightly stubborn grape. However, winery Kuehn knows how to tame it with verve. It's probably because of Kuehn's years of experience. It has dominated the vineyards in the Alsace region for almost 350 years. This area, located in the north-east of France, is famous all over the world. Its wines are considered to be the purest and most elegant wines available. In addition, the wines from Alsace are extremely useful in gastronomy. So is Kuehn Gewurtztraminer. This white wine combines perfectly with Asian dishes.

The Kuehn winery is located in Ammerschwihr, just north of Colmar. The terroir here is extremely well suited for planting Gewurtztraminer. In addition, the sunny and dry climate ensures that this royal grape ripens excellently on the vineyards. Gewurtztraminer comes in different sizes. Kuehn's variant is refined and droop. This is mainly because the grapes are fermented on stainless steel. Then it undergoes precious juice and maturation on the lees, which makes it more complex to manufacture.

The Gewurtztraminer is considered the king grape of Alsace. When you open a bottle of Kuehn Gewurtztraminer you immediately know why. A white wine full of character, which your senses will not get enough of. Your nose is working overtime when you start sniffing this wine. Exotic fruits but also pear and melon. The powerful tones penetrate deeply. A touch of roses, flowers and lychee makes this Kuehn Gewurtztraminer so special. The sting in the nose betrays the spiciness of this white wine. When you take a sip, the corners of your mouth curl up. This will make you happy. The vibrant palette plays friendly with your taste buds. The refined acids seem to linger forever in the cheeks. Despite the sturdy character, Kuehn Gewurtztraminer is never too heavy.


Colour pale yellow
Aroma Powerful, wonderfully floral, rose, lychee, exotic, pear and melon, with lots of spiciness, sultry and complex.
Flavour Nice liveliness, juicy and ripe, juice, pear, apple, good acidity, nicely typified and not too heavy. Mild dry white wine.
Serve with Exotic salads, Caesar salad, dishes from the oriental kitchen and of course a classic Munster cheese.
Serving Temperature 10-12℃
Vintage 2018
Country, Region France, Alsace
Grape Gewurztraminer