Domaine Valinière - GSM "Double Ripasse"

Domaine Valinière - GSM "Double Ripasse"

Domaine Valinière
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What an incredible red wine this Double Ripasse from wine house Domaine Valiniere. The winery has a very well-known family behind it, namely the Vellas family, of Vignoble Vellas. The winery was set up years ago with the aim of making new and progressive wines. Well they succeeded, the wines of Domaine Valiniere are known all over the world. Today, the fourth generation is at the helm, and that gives new insights. This Double Ripasse is one of the newest wines made from the very best vines from the slopes of St Drézéry. From this wine, they make a wine like they say 'It's so good to be bad'.

For this great red wine, the grapes Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah are grown in the Pays d'Oc on the oldest vines of Domaine Valiniere. These old vines have deep roots that enable them to easily extract nutrition and moisture from the rich soil structure. The chalky, gravelly soils give the bunches great strength, but the yields are minimal. All bunches ripen in a warm climate with plenty of sun but also coolness from the mountainside. The coolness contributes to a balanced growing season. When the harvest is ripe, the lines/branches are cut so that the bunches no longer receive nutrition. They are dried out by the sun, the Appasimento technique to be precise. The drying of the bunches gives the winemaker a richer and more concentrated bunch, which we can taste in this red wine. The black juice is unprecedentedly beautiful and gives us a very warm feeling.

This red wine has two labels, one called Double Ripasse where we see a female mouth with a cigar. And a label with the text It's so good to be bad. Yes, only Domaine Valiniere can do that, because it is the pioneer of the south of France. When we pour this red wine, we see a beautiful deep red, almost black colour. All our senses are stimulated and in the scent it gives a very broad bouquet of ripe and sultry black fruit with herbs, tobacco leaves, chocolate and some vanilla. On the palate, it is full and complex with a contemporary character. Beautiful flavours of plums and cherries with spices, vanilla, cedar wood and cocoa. The aftertaste is soft and yet soft with very profound flavours. What a discovery this Double Ripasse red wine is.

Colour Deep purple-red
In the nose, it gives a very broad bouquet of ripe and sultry black fruit, with herbs, tobacco leaves, chocolate and some vanilla.
Flavour Beautiful flavours of plums and cherries, with spices, vanilla, cedar wood and cocoa.
Serve with Strong-tasting cheeses, game dishes, red meat.
Serving Temperature
Vintage 2017
Country, Region France, Pays d'Oc
Grapes Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre