Domaine Lasserre - Grenache Rosé

Domaine Lasserre - Grenache Rosé

Domaine Lasserre
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The attractive color alone made us fall in love with Domaine Lasserre Grenache Rose. Light and clean, exactly what we crave this summer. When the cork of the bottle of rosé went, we were astonished in amazement. Not only the color is formidable: the smell and taste also lift us to a new level. Soft, delicate and pure. With the necessary red fruit, but certainly not too much. Domaine Lasserre Grenache Rose is a balanced glass of wine that we will enjoy to the full during the summer months.

The wines from the Languedoc are indispensable in many wine racks in the 21st century. Where the wines from the south of France have long been the underdog within French viticulture, the quality has increased enormously in recent decades. Innovation and investment took place. The necessary attention was given to the vines. The Languedoc is now a major wine region with countless successful wines, such as the wines of Domaine Lasserre.

Although the appearance suggests that we are dealing with a young winery, Domaine Lasserre was already founded in 1898 by the family. However, by continuously innovating, the wines of Domaine Lasserre have always remained current. Since the 1970s, the generation of that time has invested well in new vineyards, resulting in a total of 300 hectares of vineyards in the most beautiful spots in the Languedoc. Due to the balanced climate, many grapes, including Grenache, grow with great pleasure on the domain of Domaine Lasserre.

The climate in the Languedoc is ideal for viticulture. It is not for nothing that the Romans already had the necessary vineyards here at the time. It is precisely in these places that the vineyards of Domaine Lasserre were planted. Due to the sun-drenched days, the grapes grow with great pleasure. The coolness in the nights, partly under the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, provides the necessary freshness in the trusses. Only briefly fermenting the skins gives this Domaine Lasserre Grenache Rose its attractive colour.


Colour Light salmon pink
Aroma Soft, delicate and pure. With the necessary red fruit but certainly not the excessive.
Flavour In the taste it is fresh at the start, and especially dangerously easy to drink in the warm summer months.
Serve with Delicious as an aperitif, in the park with the sun or on the couch on a warm summer day.
Serving Temperature 6-8
Vintage 2021
Country, Region France, Languedoc-Roussillon
Grape Grenache