Aotearoa - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Aotearoa - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

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When we think of New Zealand and wines, we immediately think of the Sauvigon Blanc. This grape has put New Zealand on the map as a wine country. It is therefore not surprising that the Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand are inextricably linked. The young winery Aotearoa has also planted this grape and has already achieved many successes with it. Aotearoa means New Zealand in the Maori language. The Maori were the original inhabitants of this beautiful country.

The vineyards for this delicious white wine are located in the most famous wine region in all of New Zealand. Namely Marlborough. These vineyards are situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. During the day, the grapes receive the warmth of the sun and in the evening the fresh wind blows through the valley. This is important for the Sauvignon Blanc grapes, as it allows the grapes to retain their freshness and not ripen too quickly. At perfect ripeness the grapes are harvested in the early morning. This early harvest ensures that the grapes are crushed as little as possible. Because the sun has not been shining on the skin all day, it is still firm. Once the harvest is over, the grapes are sorted out on long tables. Only the best grapes may be used for this Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc. After vinification, the wine matures for three months in steel vats to allow the wine to recover and retain its lovely freshness.

When pouring this white wine, we immediately notice its pale yellow colour with a light green rim. In the aroma, a broad and lively bouquet of passion fruit and tones of citrus. In addition, there are fresh, recognisable scents of freshly mown grass. On the palate, there is a very nice balance between finesse and concentration, ending with an intensely long and pure aftertaste. What a delicious white wine from New Zealand this Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc!

Colour Light straw yellow with green hues
Aromas of passion fruit and notes of citrus. Fresh, recognisable aromas of freshly cut grass.
Serve with White meat, fish, salad and pasta. Or simply delicious as an aperitif.
Serving Temperature
Vintage 2020
Country, Region New-Zealand, Marlborough
Grape Sauvignon Blanc