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Is it gonna be a night of banking and binginging on a season of Casa de Papel? The only thing missing is the popcorn or the shot board with a delicious glass of wine!

Isn't it time for a difficult documentary, but relax with an uncomplicated series? Then that includes the nice fresh and fruity white Verdeca! An unknown grape that provides the right tension. Nice and fresh but also full enough with the many exotic fruits! Goes perfectly on its own as a drink wine or with some small snacks. Still more in the mood for a red wine? Then grab Valpolicella Ripasso from Villa Loren! Partly made with fresh and dried grapes, this makes for a fresh and full-bodied red wine that is just a little too easy!

Are you going to go hunting Gossip Girl with a bunch of girls? Then we know, of course, Blair wouldn't actually drink anything but a box full of six bottles of rose! And of course only the classic and best is good enough for Blair, so that means Provence rosé! Fris, spicy and dangerously easily drinkable!

Is it gonna be a long night? Then make sure you order a box with two of every wine!


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