Martin Códax - Godello Monterrei "Mara Martin"

Martin Códax - Godello Monterrei "Mara Martin"

Bodegas Martin Códax
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Martin Codax winemaker of this white Mara Martin Godello Monterrei has earned his fame with the Albariño grape. But the house wants to show more of Spain and markets a white wine from the Godello grape from Monterrei. The Monterrei wine region is located in the Galician wine region, where the climate is very different from the home base. The mountains protect the grapes from heavy rainfall and the Godello grapes can enjoy more dry periods. This is also necessary because this grape does not like wet feet.

The old vineyard stands at an altitude of 300 meters and the soil contains a lot of granite. All this gives its own style to this white wine and that is so nice. The grapes can be harvested at the ideal ripeness in the old vineyard. Not an easy job because everything is done by hand and with the greatest precision. Only the best Godello grapes are harvested in Monterrei, so you get a pure and very pure juice.

A very delicate wine made from the Godello grape with beautiful notes of flowers, acacia, hint of anise and many exotic fruits such as mango, banana and white nectarine. A nice mild taste, juicy and lively with lots of exotic fruit, a little anise and white nectarine. If you let this white wine roll through your mouth, even more deep flavors will come to the fore, such as banana, mango and some light herbs. In the aftertaste a powerhouse, ripe aftertaste with soft and slightly pungent tannins. This white Mara Martin Godello Monterrei can also be combined well with dishes such as chicken salad, light fish dishes, but it is excellently delicious on the terrace or as an aperitif.


Colour Bright straw yellow
Aroma Fragrant, floral, acacia, hint of anise, exotic, mango, some banana and white nectarine.
Flavour Wonderfully open and light-footed, juicy and lively, soft, a bit bitter, not too dry. Elegant, dry white wine.
Serve with Delicious as an aperitif, tasty terrace wine, chicken salad with apple, light blue cheeses.
Serving Temperature 8-10℃
Year 2020
Country, Region Spain, Monterrey
Grape Godello